Well-intentioned Christians sometimes use their knowledge about Jesus as a substitute for knowing Jesus. Episcopalians and the likewise liturgically-minded can extend this substitution to liturgy. We know how to do liturgy the “right” way and we may know our liturgical roots, but we may not be allowing our liturgical and spiritual practices to do what they were designed to do: participate in the Divine life. As we journey through the church year, how many of those we serve are aware of the connection of Jesus’ earthly ministry and the rituals we perform? This course seeks to break down the divide between knowing about Jesus or liturgy and knowing Jesus or liturgy, by studying basic Christological concepts through the lens of Christian History and contemporary practice. Students will be invited to make connections between their personal and corporate spiritual practices and aspects of Jesus’ earthly ministry: saying why what they are doing matters and showing how that mattering is therefore manifest in their lives.