All materials and information regarding the online convening of the Codrington event will be posted here and made available to participants once the event begins.

This virtual workshop, adapted from the agenda for an in-person workshop planned for Barbados in March 2020, is an important step in the work of Trinity Church Wall Street and other key organizations in the Anglican Communion to re-think leadership development for the Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church, and the communities we serve across the world.  

This virtual convening is being co-hosted by the historic Codrington College in Barbados from 17 to 20 March, 2020.  Codrington is the oldest theological college in the region and a designated World Heritage site.  The Church Divinity School of the Pacific in Berkeley, California, has thankfully stepped in with support on hosting this event in its virtual platform, Moodle.


Over the past four years, Trinity leaders and staff have conversed with Anglican leaders around the world to learn about the challenges of growing our ministries. Through these conversations, Trinity has come to see that there are two primary challenges facing Christian leaders worldwide: the formation of leaders for a changing world and the development of assets and financial capacity to sustain ministries. As such, Trinity has identified leadership development as one of its strategic priorities and intends to launch the Trinity Global Leadership Institute during 2020.  The theme of the March 2020 virtual convening is “Leadership Innovation: Linking Faith, Values, and Skill for the Church and the World.”


Trinity and Codrington are bringing together online a dynamic group of leaders from the Church, theological education, and secular leadership training. The agenda will challenge and advance our thinking about how to address the educational and formation needs of those who are called to leadership roles in the Church and in organizations that share our faith and values.  We see ourselves in partnership with you going into the future and would like to interact with you about this, whether at the upcoming conference or in some other form.  


This will be an interactive gathering, mostly in workshop format, that will help us work together, drawing on our different professional and spiritual backgrounds.  The hope is that our collective wisdom and experience will generate concrete recommendations for improving existing seminary programs along with the development of new leadership development programs outside of the seminary setting.   Together, we intend to begin defining the needs, goals, skills and outcomes for leadership development that will inform the curricula for the Trinity Global Leadership Institute, to be announced in 2020.

Some of this work will be done asynchronously, meaning individual contributions on your own schedule, typically via a discussion board.  Some of this work will be done "real time" online in small groups, convening here, via Zoom, or via whatever method works well for that group.  And there will be some "real time" online plenaries where we all gather via Zoom to share our progress.