Welcome to the Diocese of Lexington Lay Preaching Initiate Moodle Site! This site allows for us to gather together and individually on our journey of formation as lay preachers. We'll engage in learning, reflection, imagination, and creative understandings of how we will form each other as preachers.

Explore, play around, feel overwhelmed (it's okay - Moodle gets easier with use), and feel excited as we follow this call to go into the diocese and preach the Good News!

Welcome to the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska Lay preacher training.

You can reach me, John Schaefer, with any questions:

Cell (402) 690-0991

Email: jschaefer3@gmail.com

Welcome to our shared journey for the ministry and art of preaching for lay ministers.

This Moodle site for East Tennessee contains all of the content and assignments.  More will be added and revealed as it is ready.

You are always welcome to contact us with questions, concerns, or changes.

Beverly Hurley Hill, (205) 213-6640 or bhurleyhill@dioet.org

Amy Morehous, (865) 789-6587 or rector@episcopalloudon.com

Welcome to the Lay Preacher Training Initiative for Minnesota! We will use a combination of Zoom gatherings, in person gatherings and exploration on this Moodle site for our learning laboratory. 

If you have questions, contact:

Karen Olson at 612-423-3902

William Heisley at 612-968-7439

Welcome to the Lay Preacher Training Initiative for North Carolina! 

If you have questions, contact:

Earnest Graham

Jenny Beaumont

Welcome to our journey together in homiletics or the fine art of preaching. We will begin this month slowly with an emphasis on the experiential aspect approaching preaching. I will be adding some content here and there to help round out the assignments and activities.